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Are You Ready to Fall in Love With the Outdoors?

Your relationship with nature shouldn’t be complicated, and at Roameo we strive to remove the barriers to outdoor travel. We eliminate the tradeoff between luxury and nature through upscale Mobile Travel Suites and curated outdoor itineraries. Converging hospitality with transportation, you can truly be at your best and focus on reigniting your love with the Great Outdoors.

Our Story
Introducing Roameo

Why We Created Roameo

The desire to connect with nature resides in all of us, but authentic outdoor travel has always traded off luxury and hospitality for roughing it in the wilderness.

We created Roameo because we believe there’s a better way.

By combining the freedom to explore nature at your leisure with luxury mobile suites. We’ve converged hospitality with transportation to create transpitality—a better, safer, more enjoyable way to travel in the modern age. With the traditional barriers of outdoor travel broken down, you can release your inhibitions and give into your natural desire for the Great Outdoors.

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Our Philosophy

We believe travel is so much more than lounging around a luxury hotel sipping margaritas. While rest and relaxation are important, they’re only one part of the picture. Travel is the best way to expand your perspective on the world and understand your place in it. Roameo is your open invitation to pursue an experience that satisfies a kindred desire to connect with nature.

Meet The Founders

Like any good modern-day love story, our founders Annie Aladjova and Robby Nathan met, fell in love, married, and traveled the world together. After hiking the peaks and glaciers of the Grand Tetons and renewing their vows with a Maasai leader in Tanzania, they returned to start a new life together in Boulder, Colorado.

When the pandemic hit, they took their first “van-cation” through the vast beauty of the Wind River mountain range. Amazed by the freedom granted by having a mobile suite to drive, sleep, and tell stories in, they realized that nothing affords the opportunity to experience the world or each other in the way a road trip can.

Both with their respective ventures in the tech world, Annie and Robby created Roameo in 2020, as a way to not just revolutionize outdoor travel, but make it accessible to all.

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