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Best Gear for Camping with a Baby

What to bring on camping, hiking and picnicking adventures—for babies and toddlers.

Do you belong to a family that enjoys exploring the great outdoors? Having a baby or a toddler with you doesn't have to put an end to your adventures, as long as you have the appropriate gear.

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Our  CEO and toddler mom, an enthusiastic camper, has compiled a list of her favorite items to make your outdoor trips hassle-free and enjoyable, whether they're big or small. Her recommendations will help you quickly get out the door and start your next adventure.

Travel Booster Seat with Tray for Baby

Whether you are gazing over the lake or making s'mores by the campfire, this chair is a must. Our baby enjoyed eating his meals next to us, and it was so easy to setup and clean. You can also strap it to a normal chair to turn it into a high chair.

Osprey Poco LT Lightweight Child Carrier Backpack

This is the best hiking backpack for short hikes under a few hours. The ergonomics are great for both baby and parent, it is so lightweight, yet there is still plenty of storage for snacks and diapers. It folds down flat for easy transport too.

SCOUT Errand Boy - Extra Large Lightweight Utility Tote

There is always more gear than anticipated when traveling with a baby. Instead of lots of small bags or loose items, get this oversized bag and throw everything in for easy transport.

Fisher-Price S'More Fun Camping Gift Set

While there will be plenty to explore in nature, we always pack a few new toys on travel days, and themed ones are even better!

Skip Hop Portable Baby Changing Pad

Make sure you don't get caught mid hike with nowhere to set down the baby. This changing pad folds out, has pockets for diapers, and is easy to wipe down.

GoRoameo Campervan

For the ultimate glamping experience, bring all the comforts of home with you on the road. Our family van seats and sleeps up to 4, and is equipped with amenities such as running water, shower, toilet, microwave, and temperature control so that you can focus on making quality memories with your baby instead of setting up and tearing down camp!

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