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Introducing Roameo: explore the luxury of the great outdoors

A new way to enjoy nature without compromises.

Roameo extends the luxury and comfort of a hotel vacation to places hotels can’t go.

Camping never appealed to us, at least not in its traditional form. While we love to spend time outdoors strolling through the changing leaves in the Rocky Mountains, paddleboarding at a lake, or climbing the Grand Tetons, all of our adventures would culminate in a rush to find a running shower and plush bed.

Just before the pandemic hit, we moved to a new city where we knew few people. Almost immediately, we missed the ability to see our friends and family, but we were hesitant to take the risk that air travel initially posed.

Driving seemed the only safe option, but it presented the obstacle of long hours on the road. We took a step back, and realized the problem was rooted in our mindset. Our view of transportation had always leaned toward the most efficient method to get from point A to point B. But what about the most enjoyable?

For us, that certainly wasn’t camping or spending hours searching for a scenic place to park overnight. We wanted something that combined the two most important elements of travel: transportation and hospitality.

Let’s talk transpitality

As the world continues to engage in social distancing, Conde Nast anticipates travel trends will lean toward “wilderness-seeking.” 

But you don’t need to rough it in a tent to enjoy the outdoors.

Sure, there are plenty of places to rent a conventional RV.  Although that’s a lot tougher than it used to be. If you’re fortunate enough to find an RV rental, you’ve solved for shelter and a bed, but that does not solve the logistics involved in this type of trip. Where will you park? What routes will you take? Where will you get the gear for your activities? What is missing is the one thing that will tie the vacation together: hospitality. A majority of campervans are built for travelers to experience #VanLife, but let’s be honest — most of us are just looking for a #VanMoment.

You may find that your van vacation lacks two important elements:

  1. Consistent and tailored accommodations expected when checking into an upscale hotel 
  2. Concierge service to take the hassle out of maximizing vacation time

Here’s where Roameo comes in.

We specialize in transpitality, delivering nature and luxury to the modern traveler through curated outdoor trips and mobile travel suites.  With comfort and amenities, you can truly be at your best and focus on enjoying all that the natural beauty around you has to offer.

This year, we’ll get you on the winding road through the mountains of  Colorado where you can venture through the Great Sand Dunes, go on the Ultimate Southwest Loop, explore Rocky Mountain National Park, or have one of our Adventure Curators plan the custom trip....

It’s time to fall in love with the outdoors. We are currently taking bookings starting July, and selling a limited number of memberships that allow you early access to new routes and exclusive discounts.

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