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Frequently Asked Questions

Your relationship with nature shouldn’t be complicated, especially when we make it this easy. Check our list of frequently asked questions or contact us directly for any questions or concerns you may have.

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Do you have instructions available on how to use the suite?

Yes, we created an instructional video. Watch it here

What are the specs of my travel suite?

View the exact specs of each travel suite here

How many people can fit in one Travel Suite?

Up to two people can ride in one suite with an in-suite sleeping room for two. 

Are dogs allowed in Roameo Travel Suites?

Yes. There will be a few Travel Suites that are pet-friendly. If you plan to bring your dog along for the ride, we will need to factor Fido into your reservation ahead of time.

What if I have pet allergies?

Not to worry. Certain Travel Suites will be guaranteed pet-free! Inform your concierge of any allergies after booking.

Do you provide towels and toiletries?

Yes, and we especially pride ourselves on our hand-selected, environmentally friendly toiletries.

Do you provide bedding?

Yes, plush and pampered.

Is there accessible electricity in my Travel Suite? How about solar power?

There's plenty of electricity, we have 2 regular 110 power outlets for your devices as well as 2 USB ports. Our suites are built with renters in mind, and our action packed itineraries allow for ample electricity without solar power.

Are there air conditioning and heat features available when my Travel Suite is 'off'?

Yes. For your convenience and comfort, both the A/C and heat features function inside your Travel Suite when the vehicle is turned off.

What is the Travel Suite's height, length and width? How many inches of clearance on the bottom?

L x W x H = 19.6’ x 6.7’ x 8.25’

What measures are you currently taking to abide by COVID recommendations and procedures?

Roameo is committed to helping our renters spend quality time together, safely.

COVID-19 continues to impact travel throughout the U.S. and we want to ensure you travel smart. To do so, we encourage you to check the COVID-19 travel restrictions in the cities and states along your route. Within your Mobile Suite, you can expect top-of-the-line cleaning accommodations. We work with a third-party cleaning service to have each vehicle disinfected and sanitized per CDC guidelines. Need to cancel your reservation due to a COVID-19-related event? Jump to our cancellation policy to learn more.

What is your cancellation policy?

When a Renter makes a reservation with a departure date more than 14 days away, a Reservation Deposit is charged when an Owner accepts the reservation. This charge is 25% of the full cost of the trip.

More than 14 days
A $400 trip full cost = a $100 Reservation Deposit
When a Renter makes a reservation with a departure date less than 14 days away, the trip’s full cost is due at booking.

Less than 14 days
A $400 trip full cost = a $400 due at booking
Once an Owner accepts a Reservation Request, a full refund (including service fee) is available for 48 hours – if the departure date is still more than 14 days away. Otherwise, the service fee is non-refundable.

At 14 days from departure, the balance of the trip cost is due.

If a Reservation is canceled less than 5 days prior to the departure date:

Any insurance paid is refunded
Renter is responsible for 25% of the booking total
Renter is responsible for the service fee

Where can I rent a Roameo Travel Suite? Where can I return my rental?

You will be able to pickup and return a Roameo suite from our debut location in Dacono, Colorado Skokie, Illinois and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Who can rent a Travel Suite?

Anyone who is 25 years or older, has a valid driver’s license, and has made a reservation.

What is your auto insurance policy?

After booking you will be provided with our insurance partner's information where you have the opportunity to choose insurance coverage. Roameo requires that you carry sufficient insurance. Using our partner makes this quick and easy. Sign up takes about 5 minutes. 

Your personal insurance policy may have sufficient coverage. Check with your provider for details. Proof of sufficient coverage will need to be provided prior to your departure with Roameo's insurance binder request form. Reach out to us if you would like to pursue this option. 

Can I smoke in my Travel Suite?

No. We do not allow smoking within any of our Travel Suites.

Does my Travel Suite come with unlimited mileage?

Up to 100 miles per rental night are included in each trip. Additional miles are charged at $0.45 per mile.

Can I park my personal vehicle while I rent a Roameo Travel Suite?

Yes at all locations.

Can I go offroading in my Roameo Travel Suite?

The suites are 2-wheel drive with all season tires. They are capable of going down graded dirt roads in the summer months. However, in wet, muddy, or snowy conditions, these vehicles are not suitable or safe for off-road conditions. Apart from suggestions made by your concierge, we do not allow our customers to go off-road.

What happens if my Roameo Travel Suite breaks down during my trip?

Give our Guest Services line a text! We'll work with you to troubleshoot the issue and get you back on the road.

What do I do if my Roameo Travel Suite is involved in an accident during my trip?

Remain calm, our number one goal is to ensure your safety and everyone’s safety that is involved! Call 911 to report the accident, and follow all local laws where the accident has taken place. After you are in a safe environment, please give our guest service number a text so we can assist you from there.

Do I have the option to purchase my Roameo Travel Suite if I do not want to return it?

Yes! If you decide you want to live the #VanLife indefinitely, contact our Booking Team to discuss how you can take ownership of your very own Roameo Mobile Travel Suite. Request Information.

Is the cost of my tolls covered by Roameo?

It is up to you to cover any tolls that you may pass through. The closest one to our location is a license plate toll on E-470. This toll will need to be paid online through